Friday, August 10, 2012

Tomorrow I Go Home

Mixed feelings about that.

Went ziplining. Had a bonfire. Skipped out on hiking a mountain, instead hiked to a lake. Had a panic attack.

I'll write more when I get home, I suppose.

My phone camera is shit so I need to snag pics off my mom's Facebook later.

My tummy hurts.

Monday, July 30, 2012


I have to go places in half an hour so this will be short. It's all just random thoughts, too. Nothing coherent, really.

Things have been good, mostly. I've gotten a little sick. Too much sun, but I'm okay. My grandma was sick and my grandpa messed up his knee, but we're all okay.

The river is too low to go kayaking this year, which is sad. But we are hiking up a mountain and going zip-lining, so that'll be fun.

I only have my phone for pictures because I forgot my camera, but my brother brought the video camera so I'll try to film some stuff.

My godmother has a cat up here and I'm so excited because I can give her snuggles whenever I miss my cats.

My cousins are really great, okay. Just throwing that out there.

When did four people start following this blog?? ;w; Hi. You're all lovely.

I don't wanna go places, I just wanna sit here and write fanfiction.

Okay, end of update.


Friday, July 27, 2012

In Canada

In the hotel past the border.

I'm really tired.

The hotel is really nice, though.

We still have a long drive tomorrow.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Here be Quiet

Because I find it hard to type up big posts after my travels to explain what happened, I figured that it would be easier just to have a quiet little blog to post my pictures and small stories on while I'm away.  Don't expect too much.  It will mostly be pictures.

My next trip will be to Canada for two weeks in August, so that will be the test run of this blog.  We'll see how it goes :)  After that, unless my family decides to make an impromptu trip to Chicago at some point, the next big journey will be to New York and Florida in late December/ early January.  But I may still post pictures in between those times.

This will be a quiet blog.